We Enable Analytics-Driven Insight

Organizations across all sectors realize that in order to survive, sustain and grow, insights from big data are a must. These insights are gained from social media, machine logs, sensors, and other big data sources. Polar believes that “analytics-driven insight”is the way for organizations to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Polar’s Big Data Analytics consulting team will determine the right solutions for unlocking the value of your data and thus clearing the path for your growth.Our custom business analytics applications enable your business to make faster and better decisions, reduce costs and create new products and services that are more aligned with your customers’ needs.

We have the analytic talent on board to prospect and mine customer data, and then render and present it in a meaningful way that empowers more effective decision making.Polar transforms massive amounts of data into useful insights, providing a comprehensive range of services to help you identify, reach, engage, convert and retain more customers. Our analytical services include identification, segmentation, predictive modelling and measurement of data.

We have the right expertise to develop solutions for you, including the following:

  • Descriptive Analytics determines “What is happening?”
  • Diagnostic analytics determines “Why it is happening?”
  • Predictive Analytics determines “What could happen?”
  • Prescriptive Analytics guides “What should you do?”
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Polar’s Approach

Our pervasive analytic strategy includes

  • Assessment ofthe maturity levels of analytics adoption
  • Data preparation and aggregation of all data sources
  • Derivation ofnumerical scores that predict the future worthof customer value, loyalty, up-sell and cross-sellpotential and other valuable metrics
  • Embeddinga unified logging mechanism across your solution
  • Definition of standardized dashboards and reports across the entire ODS (Online Data Service) including standardized MDM (Master Data Management) techniques.
  • Interactive interfaces across all analysis phases to minimize dependency
  • Creation ofintelligent navigation tools that regulate the insights given to decision makers
  • Streaming data analysis and real-time intelligent decision-making processes for timely and actionable insights
  • Machine learning and knowledge discovery capabilities where possible
  • Implementation ofanalytical models to meet growth potential
  • Providing comprehensive training on the analytical solution to all relevant stakeholders
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